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  • Where and When

    ! We schedule tutoring hours around your schedule. I offer tutoring, Tuesday Ц Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. I can tutor at my home in Chestnut Hill, (Newton), or at yours, whichever your preference. If you are interested in semi-private lessons, I can arrange instruction for up to four persons of the same skill level.

    Customized Tutoring

    I tailor lessons to each studentТs needs. In order to determine skill level, I test before beginning tutoring. Two classes per week, one or one and a half hour each class works best when learning Russian. This way, newly attained language skills stick with the student. We start every week with a review of the former weekТs lessons before progressing.


    Parents have many reasons for wanting their children to learn Russian. Children develop memory and disciplinary skills when taking a foreign language. Parents get results when enrolling their children with language instruction based on my professional approach.

    My 1-to-1 tutoring assists the student several ways:

    • Private lessons reduce fear and increases confidence;
    • Children learn faster and feel a sense of achievement;
    • Stress decreases as they compete only with themselves;
    • Grasping essential language skills such as conversation, grammar, the Russian alphabet, and vocabulary, comes easily when studying with a professionally trained teacher.

    Private lessons with me support learning for the child already taking Russian in school. Children increase their understanding of Russian better when studying one-on-one. Private, professional, customized tutoring keeps students ahead of other classmates in their schools.

    Visiting Russia soon?

    Tourists want conversational Russian. Depending on where and how you are traveling, I can structure your lessons to suit your needs. Together, I can guide you through the basics, and strengthen any Russian you may already know. You will learn everyday phrases such as:

    • Where can I see the
    • Do you recommend this restaurant?
    • When does this train leave?
    • How much do I owe you?
    • Is this area safe for traveling?
    • Do you speak English?
    • As well as pleasantries such as:
    • It is a pleasure to meet you.
    • Moscow is just beautiful.
    • And, always the welcome:
    • Yes, the borscht is delicious.

    Students Studying Abroad

    If you are a student studying in Russia, you need scholastic fluency. We study academic and social language skills and focus on vocabulary, reading, pronunciation, comprehension, speaking and writing skills essential for scholastic achievement. Academic writing instruction will be included, as needed. We study the Russian culture, as well.

    Corporate Tutoring

    Specific business vocabulary is needed for those seeking Russian instruction for the corporate professional. I use books and CDs that specifically focus on business vocabulary and phrases. In addition to general business vocabulary, we concentrate on expressions specific to the particular industry relevant to each student. Taking private Russian instruction will give business professionals confidence while working among Russian peers.

    No matter the reasons, your lessons are tailored to fit your Russian language requirements.

    Semi-private Classes

    I also offer semi-private lessons. Interacting with other students of the same skill level is very beneficial. Group work is also personalized with CDs, books, and disks. I do not take groups of more than four students, unless the lessons are for an entire family.

    Your Russian language requirements are satisfied with my private customized tutoring.

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