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Private 1-to-1 Russian Tutoring in the Greater Boston Area

! IТm Svetlana and I have been tutoring Russian for 25 years. I teach personalized Russian lessons tailored for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced students in the Greater Boston Area. With personalized lessons, custom tailored to each student, I can center my attention to the specific language goals at hand.

Why am I different?

I differ from many other Russian tutors in that I am a professionally trained teacher. As an educator, I employ comprehensive teaching methods structured in a way that the student may best grasp grammatical structure, pronunciation, conversation, reading, writing, and understanding. With customized learning based on my academic training, students absorb the skills required for learning Russian, easily and emerge from my tutoring altogether prepared to advance to the next level. And with me - learning is fun!

I work closely with each student and augment lessons toward his or her understanding. Any barriers a student may have with learning Russian dissolves with this approach. Attention given to studentТs specific goals with a professionally trained teacher eases concerns and makes learning quicker and enjoyable.

I may be biased because I am Russian who lived most of my life in Moscow, but I think Russian is one of the most exciting languages. I think you will, too! Enjoy your journey into the ancient   Russian language!

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